Technical Demonstrations

The Evolution of Oil Spill Response

The 2021 IOSC Technical Demonstration will highlight the ever advancing state of the art of oil spill response by focusing on past, present, and future practices, equipment, technologies, and strategies. Through a 75-minute narrated or leisurely self-guided tour along the Conference Center Promenade guests will be able to learn about continuing improvements in:

  • Incident Command
  • Remote Sensing
  • Collection and Containment
  • Mechanical Recovery
  • Dispersants
  • In Situ Burn
  • Source Control

Subject matter experts from around the globe will be on hand to talk to you about past response capabilities, demonstrate more recent technological advances, and provide insight into exciting ongoing basic and applied research.

You can reserve your slot for one of the eight narrated, guided tours by signing up via the link below or in person at the conference check in booth (based on availability). You will have the option of starting your exploration of the world of oil spill response at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 12, and at 20-minute intervals thereafter. Slots are limited so sign up early!

Narrated Guided Tour Sign Up

If you choose not to sign up for a narrated, guided tour, you are also welcome to take a self-guided tour or visit individual stations in the open session on Wednesday afternoon.


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